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ClickHear MOBILE™

A Voice for the Web... Anywhere! — Try It Now

Need instant reading access anywhere? ClickHear MOBILE provides the same features as ClickHear, but no software installation is required!

You can use ClickHear MOBILE from anywhere—from the home, office, library, or on any computer with Internet access and a web browser. “Speak selection” and “spell” options provide for a controlled learning and reading experience.

With your ClickHear MOBILE subscription you will receive a login and password. That’s all you need to have ClickHear MOBILE available at your fingertips world-wide! Subscriptions are available for either a single user or a domain license.

Standard Features

  • Enables text to be read aloud at the reading comfort of the user
  • Choose from three high quality Nuance voices
  • Variable text and highlighting color options
  • Translates to several different languages: Spanish, French and German
  • Configuration settings saved per user
  • Click to hear any part of the web
  • Play/Pause, Previous, and Next playback
  • Set volume and speech rate to your needs

ClickHear MOBILE™ is now available. Launch ClickHear MOBILE!

Read the product brochure (PDF) or Contact Us for more information about ClickHear MOBILE.