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  • ReadHear™ PC CD Case

    ReadHear PC is a feature-rich player for DAISY Books, NIMAS files, and other e-book formats that empowers persons with print or learning disabilities to read books and documents with ease. Save time finding information, benefit from flexible reading, and improve both reading comprehension and productivity.

    Price: $249.99
  • ReadHear CD case

    ReadHear™ Mac is the first ever Digital Talking Book player for the Mac! The great accessibility features available in ReadHear™ are no longer limited to the PC. ReadHear Mac provides excellent benefits to those who enjoy and appreciate learning and listening to all types of books, articles, and documents.

    Price: $119.99
  • ClickHear CD Case

    Gain access to the web! The ClickHear toolbar makes educational products accessible to all students, regardless of the challenges they may face. ClickHear operates inside a web browser and allows websites to be read aloud to the student. Reading or visual difficulties no longer get in the way of accessing websites!

    Price: $49.99
  • Need instant reading access anywhere? ClickHear MOBILE provides the same features as ClickHear, but no software installation is required! You can use ClickHear MOBILE anywhere—from the home, office, library, or on any computer with Internet access and a web browser. ClickHear MOBILE translates the web right before your eyes!