Where Technology Provides People with Disabilities Access to Information
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About Us

Building front Welcome to gh - where cutting edge technology impacts a broad range of people with all types of disabilities to provide the highest levels of access to static and dynamic information.

At gh, we continuously seek to understand the needs of individuals with disabilities and are dedicated to transforming this knowledge into technology-based innovations that provide opportunities for everyone to experience equal access to information.

Who We Are

Founded in 2000, gh, LLC ("gh") is a leading assistive technology company that helps people with print disabilities access information, whether the source is a textbook, publication, standardized test, or website.

Using a content-independent media conversion process, the company offers a full range of accessible media formats and software applications, including DAISY Digital Talking Books, an Accessible Testing System, Braille, and Tactile Graphics, that enable people with print disabilities to improve their educational experience, become more competitive in the workplace, and lead more enjoyable lives.

gh's products not only allow a broad range of people with disabilities to gain access to information, they also help organizations successfully comply with federal legislation, such as Section 504 and Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act. These products will allow organizations to gain access to all types of information including electronic and information technology. Please visit our Legislation section to learn more about Section 508 and other federal legislation.