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Math equationsFor years, students with print disabilities have struggled to have access to instructional materials in the fields of science, engineering, mathematics, and technology. For students who cannot read ordinary print, understanding complex equations and formulas is a daunting challenge, most often addressed with the aid of a human reader. This intervention strategy, however, is fundamentally limited and does not provide true access to the student.

What MathSpeak can do

MathSpeak is a standard developed by gh which aims to integrate mathematical and scientific content into DAISY/NISO for print-disabled readers. MathSpeak maximizes the student's comprehension by communicating information to students in a clear, unambiguous manner, well beyond the capabilities that ordinary Text-To-Speech processing can offer. Best of all, the learning curve is minimal.

By applying the MathSpeak standard to instructional materials, readers are able to comprehend content that otherwise presents a challege. For example, the equation An equation would be pronounced:

x  cubed  plus  6  x  squared  minus  x  equals  30.

MathSpeak works for simple equations, such as the one above, but it can also be applied to materials in any technical field at the highest level.

Visit the MathSpeak site

Read more about MathSpeak at the MathSpeak website. To see more examples of MathSpeak, read the MathSpeak™ Core Specification Grammar Rules.