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Braille Overview

Textbook converted into Braille and bound in a volume by gh.

Imagine having an accurate translation of a 500-page Braille book bound and delivered in less than 30 days. It's fast and accurate Braille translation and it's just one way everyone has access.

gh provides the service of translating documents from print or any electronic file to Braille by using our XML-based Media Conversion Process (MCP). gh employs certified Library of Congress Braille transcribers and delivers Braille in accordance to the Braille Authority of North America (BANA) standard. Using the MCP, its unique authoring tools and high technology process enables our transcribers to translate Braille documents with greater speed, efficiency, and accuracy than any existing translation process.

High degree of accuracy

The MCP incorporates intelligent software to reduce random errors by imparting a systematic approach to translation that results in a high degree of accuracy and consistency. It also provides our transcribers with a sophisticated set of authoring tools for selecting the appropriate technique to describe the text in a manner that best communicates the intended meaning of the original document. Whether textbooks, training material, or publications, the MCP results in a high level of accuracy and educational value for the Braille reader.

Multiple formats

gh provides translations of documents from print into five different types of Braille. Each Braille format possesses its own unique translation standards, rules, and specified applications. For example, the Nemeth Braille Code is used for translating math and science.

  • Literary Braille (uncontracted)
  • Literary Braille (contracted)
  • Nemeth Braille code
  • Foreign Languages
  • Computer Braille Code

Learn more about Braille formats

Occassionally we handle special types of Braille, so if you need a document translated into a different Braille format, contact us for more information.

More frequent access

Using the MCP, gh transcribes thousands of Braille pages per day. This advanced technological process provides our transcribers with a series of steps for automatically generating well-formed Braille that results in reducing the time-consuming constraints and lower cost. Through greater efficiency and our ability to scale on demand, Braille readers can have more frequent access to information than ever before!

Impact of Braille

Simply put, Braille helps blind people communicate and learn on their own. From the Braille reader in the classroom to the employee in an office, gh's Braille translation service impacts blind people who want to study from a textbook, review a training manual, read a publication, or even locate a phone number on the back of a business card.

In the Classroom

  • Textbooks
  • Exams
  • Supplementary Material

At Work

  • Training Manuals
  • Business Cards
  • Promotional Literature

At Home

  • Publications
  • Novels
  • Product Instructions

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