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Bar chart created with our proprietary tactile graphics process.

Our team uses proprietary tools and software to import your inaccessible content into an electronic format that gets converted into a special mark-up language unique to gh. From this format, our team of highly trained professionals can output your content into a variety of accessible formats to suit your needs.

Traditional Accessible Media (TAM) is considered to be any physical hard copy accessible material such as:

gh produces these traditional accessible formats by putting your inaccessible content through our Media Conversion Process (MCP) which incorporates for numerous quality inspections along the way. These high quality outputs are ideal for:

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Media Conversion Process

What makes gh unique is our Media Conversion Process (MCP) which ultimately produces a variety of traditional and electronic accessible media formats created from an inaccessible format such as print books, PDF's, and many others. By taking the inaccessible document and converting it into a proprietary XML format unique to gh, we are able to output multiple formats including Braille, large print, and tactile graphics. In addition MCP outputs XML-based electronic formats such as Digital Talking Books, NIMAS file sets, and high-stakes test material.

gh is dedicated to being a leader in quality, rapid turnaround time, and competitive pricing. Using the MCP, gh continues to improve and refine these areas in a model that allows us to translate your inaccessible material only once and produce six different forms of accessible media faster then ever before.

Diagram illustrating the flow of inaccessible material into gh and output into accessible formats.