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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I get a quote for a textbook or other document to be produced in braille?

A. Please contact our sales team at sales@gh-accessibility.com or (866) 693-3687 for a quote. We may ask for specific information about the material, such as subject, page count, graphic count, etc.

Q. Can gh, LLC produce higher education Math and Science textbooks and material?

A. Math and Science is our area of expertise. We have Nemeth certified transcribers for items such as this. Please contact us for a price quote of the material.

Q. Why is the tracking not appearing in the reading pane in ReadHear PC?

A. The tracking feature is controlled by both ReadHear and Windows. To turn tracking on in ReadHear, click the Tracking button towards the top of the page, press F6, or select the menu Option, then Tracking. If you have confirmed that tracking is on, and it still does not appear, it may be a Windows setting that needs changed. Please try the following:

  • Close ReadHear
  • Open Control Panel and select Accessibility Options
  • Select Display (the third tab)
  • Under High Contrast, make sure that the Use High Contrast box is NOT checked.
  • Select Apply, and then OK
  • Re-open ReadHear

Q. I am using Learning Ally ReadHear by gh and I cannot see the text. Why is that?

A. The Learning Ally books are audio only books, which means there is no text in the book.

Q. Does gh have sample books available that I can try out with my full-version demo of ReadHear?

A. Yes we do! Simply navigate to our Downloads page (http://www.gh-accessibility.com/downloads). Under the headings The Official Guide for GMAT, Sample Books, MathML-in-DAISY Digital Talking Books, and NIMAS Files, there are several sample books available.

Q. Can the demo version of the software be activated?

A. No, the demo version of the software is set to run for 30-days from date of installation, and will time out afterwards. Please contact us to purchase the software that can be activated.

Q. I am using Learning Ally™ ReadHear by gh. How can I upgrade to the Pro or Premium version of ReadHear?

A.  Please contact us, and we will be able to process the new order for the Pro or Premium version.

Q. I have a new computer and have reinstalled ReadHear, but now the software is telling me that I do not have any activations remaining. How do I now activate my software?

A. The cause of this is most likely the software was not deactivated before attempting to reinstall it on the new computer. If possible, deactivate the software on the old computer and try again. If the old computer is not accessible, please contact us and we can process the request.

Q. Does gh, LLC offer site licensing for ReadHear PC and Mac?

A. Yes we do. Please contact us for a price quote.

Q. How can I find my Key or Download link for my software purchase?

A. If you did not recieve the email for you can always login to GH and go to your user profile and click order history.  Each order invoice has a copy of the software key and a link to download it.